Friday, July 09, 2004

Encounter World Religions Centre

"ENCOUNTER World Religions Centre offers educational, spiritual and cultural encounters with the world's great wisdom traditions and their communities. The Centre promotes interreligious peace and understanding through experiential learning."

The Encounter World Religions Centre is offering a 7-day program, in Toronto, Ontario, in which participants can explore seven of the world's great religions.

Participants will:
·Meditate with Zen Buddhists
·Hear the Native drum and see Native dance
·Participate in a Wiccan celebration
·Share in a langar meal with the Sikhs
·Witness prayer time at mosque
·Visit a Zoroastrian fire temple
·Attend the Jewish Shabbat

Classes in the history, founders, and tenets of the various religions prepare the participants for the experiential componants of the program. There are also visits planned to the various cultural communities such as Greek Town and Little india, and several lunch excursions to ethnic restaurants.

All-in-all, it promises the be an amazing opportunity to explore and learn, first-hand, about the religious and ethince cultures of the world.

When: August 15 - 21, 2004
Where: Toronto (Base for classes will be at Bathhurst and St. Clair)
Cost: $395 (CDN)(Incl. All classes, All meals, Extensive handouts, Bus transportation to site visits)
Accomodations are also available for extra $75 for the whole week (simple dormitory arrangements with hotel style cots)

Contact Information
Telephone: (519) 822-0099
FAX: (519) 822-1236
Postal Address: 390 Speedvale Ave. E., Guelph, ON, N1E 1N5


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