Monday, July 19, 2004

Project Love

"Project Love is a great opportunity for Canadians to act as global citizens by sending much-needed educational materials to students and teachers in developing countries. The program talks to young people about international development in terms they can understand. And it gives them a hands-on activity to help their global neighbours their own age. " 

Kits for Kids
"Each year, Canadian teachers, students and community groups get together to participate in Project Love. While learning about life in a developing country, they raise funds to buy school supplies for children and teachers who need them, and to help cover the costs of shipping.

Next they assemble the Project Love kits - each of which contains a pencil, an eraser, a notebook and a ruler. Often participants select Valentine's Day as the focal point of their activities, but many also decide to schedule Project Love around other dates.

Once the kits are packed into boxes, take them to your closest Canada Post outlet. CODE arranges to have the boxes shipped overseas. The shipping and freight is paid by CODE."


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