Friday, October 01, 2004

Scared Sacred

While this isn't "peace project", per se, I thought it worth mentioning.

"Scared Sacred" is a film by Canadian filmmaker, Velcrow Ripper, and winner of the Special Jury prize at the 2004 Toronto Film Festival.

Ripper visited the "Ground Zeros" of the World... Cambodia's "Killing Fields", Hiroshima, Bhopal..... in search of meaning in the World's atrocities. He finds, often Serendipitously, answers to questions he didn't know he was asking.

In Hiroshima, he meets a survivor who tells him of how, for the first years after the bombings, survivors were forbidden from telling their stories and treated as lepers. She tells her story, now, in a quest to give healing to others.

In Bhopal, he visits a holistic medicine clinic which "asserts the right of the expendable to live."

In Cambodia, he meets Aki Ra whom using only a simple stick, has to date decommissioned over 10,000 land mines, on his own, without a metal detector or shield.

Unfortunately, the "Scared Sacred" website doesn't seem to be up and running at the moment, but keep trying. I am sure it is worth visiting. See the film.....

Calgary Film Festival

Hello Peace

The purpose of the Hello, Peace! project is
to get large numbers of Israelis and Palestinians talking about peace again
to shift the dominant media story to "Israelis and Palestinians are talking about peace again"
to rebuild pressure on both governments to move toward dialogue and away from violence

The project is based on an automated telephone system that lets any Israeli or Palestinian simply pick up their phone at no charge and talk with someone on "the other side" about peace.